Need a new kitchen table but don’t want to spend $$$ buying a new one? Why not build one then? Making your own kitchen table is not as hard you might think. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of attaching different parts from various old furniture and voila, you have a new table.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to woodworking projects, making a kitchen table is a good place to start. Making a kitchen table is relatively easy and you don’t need to buy any special equipment. It only requires a few basic tools and the whole project only takes about a couple of hours or so.

Obviously, you need to take the amount of space you have available for a kitchen table into consideration before making one. Refinishing a kitchen table is also a great way to take an old piece of furniture and making it look new. You should also pay attention to the style of the kitchen and make sure the table look good with other existent pieces of furniture.

If you have a huge old table, that’s even better. You can simply repurpose it into a farmhouse kitchen table. With a new coat of paint and some creativity, you can have a totally unique kitchen table that you and your family can be proud of. Here are 10 awesome DIY kitchen tables ideas to get your imagination flowing!

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