Designing a teen bedroom can be quite fun and rewarding. When decorating, obviously you want to choose a design that reflects who they are. This is because the design of the bedrooms are very important to them as they grow and mature into young adults.

It doesn’t matter how small the bedroom is, with a little bit of creativity and a good selection of furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures and decorations, you can turn it into a place where your teenage boy or girl will enjoy and able to express themselves without interruption.

Here are 10 cool DIY teenage bedroom decor ideas that will delight and inspire you. Enjoy!

  1. Glowing Flower
  2. Easy Fabric Stenciling
  3. How To Tile A Table With Glass Gems
  4. Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland
  5. Diy Paper Heart Wall Art
  6. Easy To Make Curtains Drapes
  7. Tape Quickie Washi Tape Light Switch Cover
  8. For Burlap Lover
  9. Diy Tutorial Creative Yarn Chandelier
  10. Create More Storage