Do you have a small bathroom? If so, want to know how you can make it more spacious? Well, first of all you should start with the storage and organization aspect. By carefully planning how you store and organize items, you can easily double the space in your bathroom and make it look bigger and better. When your bathroom is filled with clutter, it will not only look smaller but also uninviting and uncomfortable.

One of the best ways to organize your bathroom items is to use storage cabinets. Instead of hanging your towels in the towel rack, why not store them in a small closet? This way, your bathroom will look more open and accessible. There are also many other creative ways you can reclaim the unused spaces in your bathroom so that you can use them to store more things. You’d be surprised how much storage space your bathroom actually has…

Here are 11 creative DIY bathroom storage ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

  1. Stylish Basket Towel Storage
  2. Bathroom Appliance Storage
  3. Using Spice Rack As Storage
  4. How To Build A Corner Shelf
  5. Diy Hair Dryer Storage
  6. How To Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays
  7. Built-in Bathroom Shelving
  8. Pretty Bathroom Storage
  9. Organizing Under The Bathroom Sink
  10. Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks
  11. Window Box Bathroom Storage