If you have a small kitchen, storage space is probably one of the biggest problems you will face. Instead of being frustrated with the size of your kitchen, why not find ways on how you can add more storage space without making your kitchen more crowded? By having a more efficient and creative way of storing your kitchen items, you will find it easy to have a clean, tidy and organized kitchen in no time. When you have a comfortable kitchen to cook in, you will enjoy preparing meals more often too!

There are many ways you can add more storage space to your kitchen. Basically, you will be making a few simple modifications that to your existing kitchen furniture so that you can reclaim those unused space. For example, partitions and dual levels is a great and space saving way to keep your utensils organized. If you have deep drawers, consider layering them so that you will have more usable storage space. Hidden internal drawers are also great as they can provide easily-accessible storage without disturbing the overall kitchen layout.

Here are 11 smart DIY kitchen storage ideas to help you keep your kitchen clutter free and reclaim those used storage space. Enjoy!

  1. How To Build Under Cabinet Drawers
  2. Kitchen Island
  3. Diy Kitchen Drawer Organizer
  4. Canister And Spice Rack
  5. Do It Yourself Drawer Organizers
  6. Lid Racks
  7. Building A Magnetic Spice Rack
  8. Rotating Sink With Cutting Board And Colander
  9. Organizing The Pantry And Kids Hungry Box
  10. Pantry Re Organization
  11. Door Organizer