Chandeliers are decorative lights that hang from the ceiling and they usually have branches for light bulbs or candles. They are absolutely gorgeous to look at and they are perfect for the kitchen, dining room, living, bedroom, etc. When placed in the right spot, they can be absolutely stunning, chic and adorable.

Homemade DIY chandeliers are not as difficult as you might think. There are many easy DIY projects available that show you how you can up-cycle jewellery or use shinny objects lying around your house to make your own chandeliers. They are really fun to make and best of all, they are a lot cheaper than buying a store-bought chandelier. So why buy a chandelier when you can make one yourself and customize it however you like it? All you need is some creativity, time and patience.

Here are 12 beautiful DIY chandelier ideas to brighten your space. Enjoy!

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  10. Drum Shade Chandelier
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