Rustic kitchen is a modern favorite and it is very popular among homeowners who want wooden furniture with subtleness and class. It is basically all about beauty, warmth and simplicity. Despite of the simplicity of its design, rustic kitchens are still popular in many apartments and modern homes. This is not surprising as they have a natural yet modern feel that can make your home more pleasant and inviting.

For a great rustic look, materials such as wood, stone, wrought iron or terracotta ceramics are often used. Orange is a favorite color used in many rustic kitchen designs and you can find various shades of orange being used in different places such as the wooden floors, exposed ceiling beams, granite counter tops, and rustic furniture.

There are also many small DIY projects that you can do to make your kitchen more rustic looking and functional. Many of these projects can be completed using recycled materials such as pallets.

Here are 12 creative DIY rustic kitchen ideas to give you some inspirations. Have fun!

  1. DIY Rustic Wall Rack
  2. How To Make Shelves Out Of Pallet
  3. Hand Built Rustic Kitchen Island
  4. DIY Kitchen Island
  5. Diy Rustic Shutters For $10
  6. Diy Wine Rack
  7. DIY Rustic Backsplash
  8. Diy Rustic Photo Clipboard
  9. Hanging Pots And Pans
  10. Diy Rustic Reclaimed Wood Vent Cover
  11. DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder
  12. Cabinet Hardware Makeover