Like it or not, we all have to spend some time in the bathroom everyday. If you don’t like your bathroom because it’s all crowded and messy, it’s time to change that. Believe it or not, your bathroom can actually store more than you can imagine and extra storage space is always a welcome, especially in a small bathroom.

To keep everything organized and clutter free, you need to create small space storage within your bathroom. Storage can be tricky in a small space but if you’re creative, you will realize that there are all sorts of way and places you can store your things.

Here are 12 interesting DIY bathroom storage ideas that are both pretty and practical! Enjoy!

  1. How To Make Mason Jar Soap Pump
  2. Behind Cabinet Doors
  3. Towel Bar Trio
  4. Window Box Bathroom Storage
  5. Diy Wooden Tissue Box Cover
  6. Pvc Pipe Toothbrush Holders
  7. Makeup Cup
  8. Creating Basket Out Of Old Pot
  9. Leather Copper Cup Organizer Diy
  10. Diy Magnetic Bathroom Rack
  11. Diy Doorway Shelf
  12. Diy Towel Rail