Do you happen to have a bunch of old tires lying around? If so, don’t get rid of them as there are many creative ways you can use them for your home. Instead of taking them to a landfill or tire recycle center, why not use them for DIY purposes? There are so many ways you can reuse old tires and turn them into something that’s totally unexpected and useful.

For example, if you have a garden and you love growing things, why not turn them into beautiful planters? If you have kids and a backyard, you can transform those tires into swings and sandbox. For home decor, if you have some ropes and the necessary materials, you can turn an old tire into an elegant Ottoman which you can proudly place in your living room for all to see…

With that said, here are 12 interesting ways to repurpose old tires. Have fun!

  1. Recycled Tires In The Garden
  2. Tire Display Shelf
  3. Tire Steps
  4. Make A Sandbox With A Tire
  5. Beatyful Garden
  6. Recycled Tires Pond
  7. Diy Tire Planter Tutorial
  8. From Tire To Ottoman
  9. Stylish Showroom
  10. Tire See Saw
  11. Swing Set Tire Ladder
  12. Kids Project Tire Totter