Do you have old bookshelves lying in your attic that aren’t doing anything except collecting dust? Instead of letting them rotting away like that, why not repurpose them into useful furniture and which you can use in your house? By transforming old, broken, or otherwise useless bookcases into new and exciting furniture, you will also help keep more stuff out of landfills and make the earth a cleaner place to live.

Sometimes, all it takes to repurpose an old bookcase is to give it a fresh coat of paint. With a few adjustments and modifications, you can easily turn it into an appealing and useful furniture for your dining room or kitchen. Alternatively, you can turn it into a table for the kids to use or make it a part of your home office. If you’re creative, you can even create a dollhouse out of an old bookcase! The possibilities are truly endless.

Here are 13 creative ways to repurpose old bookcases. If you’re someone who enjoys repurposing things and you like to think outside of the box, these guides can help you get some inspirations and ideas. Enjoy!

  1. A Bookcase In The Yard
  2. From Bookcase To Bar Table
  3. Diy Barbie House
  4. Old Bookcase Into Sofa Table
  5. How To Make A Wine Rack
  6. Pink Nursery
  7. Double Desk Bookcase
  8. Diy Shoe Rack
  9. Diy Bookcase Turned Desk
  10. Hidden Pivot Bookcase
  11. Play Kitchen Made Out Of A Bookcase Drab To Fab
  12. Make Your Own Mud Room Lockers
  13. Bookcase Turned Yard Stick Coffee Table