Container gardening and DIY planters are both fun and they are perfect for any home. There is absolutely no limits when it comes to making your own planters and you will be amazed with the beauty and charms they can bring to your home. Many of the DIY planters are also designed to be space saving so that they take up minimal or absolutely no floor space.

We all know how time consuming and costly it is whenever we want to add some greenery to our home. Instead of purchasing those boring flower pots, why not make your own unique planter using materials that are lying around in your home? By recycling or up-cycling junks that are otherwise useless, you can add texture and charm to your outdoor spaces while saving some money!

Here are 14 amazing DIY planters ideas that are absolutely eye-catching and space saving. They are perfect for growing vegetable, herbs, and flowers. Enjoy!

  1. Diy Garden Planter Birds Bath
  2. Dress Up Your Plants With A Dresser
  3. Planter Boxes On The Fence
  4. Mason Jar Wall Planter
  5. How To Make A Diy Outdoor Living Plant Wall
  6. Painted Planter
  7. $12 Diy Planter Boxes
  8. Tire Planter
  9. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter
  10. Ever Tire Of Flowers
  11. Herb Garden Old Kettle Style
  12. Diy Large Outdoor Planters For $15
  13. Diy Herb Holder Pantone Emerald
  14. Chicken Feeder Planters Unique Flower Pots