Decorating a boy’s bedroom is more than just putting cool toys in random places. Choosing a theme that your boy will love require that you understand his likes and dislikes. When decorating a boy’s bedroom, the most important thing is to make sure that you choose a design that incorporate the personality and likes of the child.

Finding the best color for a boy’s bedroom can be a daunting task sometimes. If you’re going to paint the walls, make sure that you choose colors that your son likes. Boys usually like colors that are bright and attractive. The most common colors used are black, blue, and green. Although there are many wonderful boy’s bedrooms that feature the color white, most boys prefer to have their walls painted with their superhero characters, which are usually colorful. To make sure that your boy will love the colors your chosen, why not allow him to have a hand in painting it?

Of course, a boy’s bedroom can be as stylish and fun as a girl’s bedroom too! To give you a little inspiration, here are 14 awesome boys bedroom decorating ideas…

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