Wall decor is an important part of any living room interior decoration plan. It is the visual landscape for anyone who enters your living room so you want to make sure that it tells a story of who you are and your personality. Additionally, if you want to inject some color into your living, wall decor can definitely get the job done.

Modern wall art can include a variety of decorative items such as letters, decorative stickers, wall hangings, murals, and many more. If you don’t find these items interesting enough for your living room, you can create your own unique designs. If you prefer something more practical yet pretty, consider using wall shelves as wall decor. The great things about these wall shelves is that they will give you some extra storage space while improving the appearance of your living room. These shelves are great for putting items such as family photos, souvenirs, books, etc.

Here are 14 creative DIY wall decors ideas to help you create a cozy and interesting ambiance in your living space. Enjoy!

  1. Sunburst Mirror
  2. Diy Octopus Art
  3. Diy Burlap Monogram
  4. Wall Picture Collage
  5. Diy Paper Dahlia Flowers
  6. How To Make A Diy Wall Clock
  7. Diy Map Art For The Wall
  8. Diy Wall Art Paint A Canvas
  9. Diy Tile Mirror
  10. Pallet-style Diy Sign
  11. Scrapbook Paper Wall Art
  12. Diy Herringbone Canvas Art
  13. Diy Split-photo Wall Decor
  14. How To Make A Giant Chalkboard