A garden fence is an important part of any garden. Unfortunately, it is also a part that is often neglected by many homeowners. Although a normal fence could be used to add privacy to a yard, why settle for the same boring design when you can make a fence that is totally unique and interesting?

One of the best ways to add privacy to a yard is with plantings. By growing trees like shrubbery or bamboos, you can use them natural fence while decorating your garden. Alternatively, you can make use of existing materials such as recycled pallets or old doors and use them to make your own DIY fence. Making and installing your own fence is not difficult at all and there are many DIY projects available to help you build one.

Here are 14 creative ways to add privacy to your yard. They are fun and they can make your garden look more interesting and enjoyable. Have fun!

  1. Diy Wooden Pallet Fence
  2. Modern Horizontal Fence
  3. Build It Tin Accent Wall
  4. Marble Fence
  5. Bamboo Privacy Screen
  6. Diy Easy Fence
  7. Recycled Patio Fence
  8. How To Build A Wood Privacy Fence
  9. Installing A Bamboo Fence
  10. Bamboo Fence
  11. How To Make A Picket Fence
  12. Install A Vinyl Fence
  13. Fences Made Of Old Doors
  14. Chain Link Privacy Fence