A bath mat is a necessary item in any bathroom so not having one is NOT an option. If you have are having trouble finding the perfect bath mat for your bathroom, it’s time to stop. Instead of wasting your time hunting for one, why not create one yourself? There are many ways you can create a bath mat and they are actually pretty easy to make. Above all, you can be as creative as you want with the design!

The best DIY bath mat is one that recycles or up-cycles materials that are otherwise useless and turn it into something that’s totally creative and beautiful. Be sure to choose materials that are eco-friendly. Things such as stones, old towels, or t-shirts are some interesting materials you can use to make your own bath mat.

Here are 15 cozy DIY bath mats ideas that can brighten up your home. Have fun!

  1. Upcycled T Shirt Rug Tutorial
  2. Rag Bath Mat Tutorial
  3. Wine Cork Bath Mat Diy Tutorial
  4. Diy Moss Bath Mat
  5. Moss And Stone Bath Mats
  6. River Stone Mat
  7. Wine Cork Bath Mat
  8. Diy Moss Bath Mat
  9. Diy Painted Rugs
  10. Diy Cedar Shower Floor Mat
  11. Knit Floor Mat
  12. Diy Nonslip Bath Rug
  13. Diy Cozy Bath Rug Out Of Old Towels
  14. A Very Chic Crocheted Bathshower Mat
  15. Recycled Bath Mat