Container gardening is a great way to maximize small spaces and it is perfect for growing both edibles and ornamentals. Even if you have limited gardening space, you can still grow herbs, flowers or any produce you need indoor or in places such the porch, windowsill, etc. Instead of buying expensive containers for gardening, why not try making your own?

Making your own planters by re-purposing materials found in your house is a smart way to grow plants. Things that you might think as junk such as old tires, soda bottles, rain boots, tea pots can all be re-purposed into a wonderful planter. Although planting in a container is more or less the same as planting in the open ground, you want to make sure that you do not over water your plants or you might cause the root of the plant to rot.

Here are 15 interesting DIY garden containers ideas that will totally amaze you. Enjoy!

  1. Toy Truck Planter
  2. Planting Flower Boots
  3. Log Flower Planter
  4. Paint Can Planter
  5. Natural Rock Planter
  6. Tin Can Planters
  7. Tire Planter
  8. Spectacular Succulents Container
  9. Wheel Barrow Planter
  10. Cork Planters
  11. Cinder Block Planter
  12. Birdcage Planter
  13. Shoe Holder Planter
  14. Ever Tire Of Flowers
  15. Old Tree Stumps