Want to know an interesting and stylish way to make the most out of your small space? Have you ever tried using baskets to organize and store your things? Have you ever tried using them as part of a furniture? With a little bit of imagination, you can create a beautiful storage area and add the much needed space into your home.

When it comes to baskets, one of the best places to use them is the wall. If your walls aren’t full yet, you’re in luck. Instead of leaving the wall of a room empty, why not decorate it with few baskets and use them as storage space? With the right design, you can totally create a cool place to store your things will looking out of place.

Using the walls to hang stuff requires drilling. If you have done this before, it is important that you check where the electrical wires and plumbing pipes are inside the wall before you start drilling. If you prefer not to do any drilling, you can simply create or use an existing shelve to organize the baskets. Alternatively, you can simply hide them below a furniture like your bed. You might want to label each basket to make it easy for you to locate your things when you need them.

There are simply so many ways you can use baskets to reduce clutter in your home. Here are 19 cool DIY basket organization inspirations to help you find the best way to add some storage space to your home. Have fun!

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