Making soap is fun and rewarding in many ways. The best part of making your own soaps is that you get to decide what ingredients you want to use during the soap making process. But isn’t it more convenient to just buy soaps from the supermarket and be done with it? Well, I used to think like that too but after learning that most commercial soaps contain chemicals that can actually be harmful to the skin and cause all sorts of allergies and reactions, I decided it’s time for me to start learning this art.

When I first heard about soap making, I thought it was really troublesome because you have to deal with the lye (sodium hydroxide)… For your information, lye is very caustic, and it can burn if it gets on your skin. Why not just make soaps without using lye? Good question but sadly, you can’t make soap without lye… 🙁

After doing some research, I found that as long as you are careful (wear gloves, goggles and preferably a long sleeve shirt) and mindful of what you’re doing, you won’t touch the lye at all. If you do touched it, all you need is some vinegar to wash it away.

Anyway, here are 20 awesome DIY soap making tutorials which will open your eyes to the infinite varieties of soaps you can make at home. The sky is truly the limit so it’s time to let your creativity run wild!

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  4. Diy Orange Clove Gardeners Soap
  5. Homemade Lavender Soap Recipe
  6. Diy Soap On A Rope
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  8. Homemade Soap Without Using Lye
  9. Diy Felted Soap Tutorial
  10. Diy Custom Soap Stamp
  11. Goat Milk Soap Bars
  12. Diy Dove Body Wash From Bar Soap
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  14. How To Make Soap At Home
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  18. Diy Foaming Hand Soap
  19. Diy Soap Making Watermelon
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