I love building things, and this time, it’s a fence project. After spending a few hours looking at various DIY fence projects, I found that most of them are either too complicated, too expensive or just too boring. Personally, I prefer a fence that is not only functional, but also looks reasonably good. Durability is a must for me as I’m building a fence to keep stray animals out of my garden.

With that said, here are 21 cool DIY fence projects that are easy to build and easy on the wallet!

  1. Diy Cedar Fence
  2. Diy Easy Fence
  3. Diy Garden Fencing
  4. How To Build A Mesh Fence
  5. Wood Lattice Privacy Fence
  6. Pallet Picket Fence
  7. Fence Zen Hen
  8. Diy Garden Fence
  9. Small Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed
  10. Building A Living Fence
  11. Diy Dog Fence
  12. Diy Fence With Solar Light Slots
  13. How To Build A Classic Backyard Fence
  14. Pallet Fence For Your Garden
  15. Modern Wood Fence And Gate
  16. Install A Privacy Fence
  17. Bamboo Privacy Fence
  18. How To Build A Picket Fence
  19. Cattle Panel Fencing
  20. Diy Wooden Backyard Fence
  21. Diy Modern Fence