Ever wondered what you can do with old baby cribs? If you happen to have one lying around doing nothing except collecting dust, why not repurpose or upcycle it into something useful which you or your whole family can enjoy? You might have spent several hundreds of dollars acquiring it but since no one is going to use it anymore, it’s time that you transform it into something more practical which you can use now.

Believe it or not, an infant crib is a very versatile piece of furniture because it is made up of different parts which can be easily repurpose for various DIY projects. If you take a look at the side panels, you will notice that they look like little gates which you can use for hanging various things. You can use it as it is or you can turn it into wall organizer for hanging pots and pans in the kitchen. Alternatively, you might want to convert those side panels into a beautiful headboard for your bed.

Before you can start making anything, you will need to disassemble the crib first. If you have some DIY skills, you should be able to do this easily on your own. Once you have finished disassembling all the main parts, you can easily figure out what you want to do with each of them. Some of the interesting furniture you can make by recycling an old baby crib include a bench, wine rack, jewelry organizer, and even a home office table! The possibilities are endless…

Here are 22 amazing ways you can repurpose a baby crib. Enjoy!

  1. Crib Benches
  2. Old Crib To Kids Playhouse
  3. Turn An Old Crib Spring Into An Office Organizer
  4. Pull Picnic Wagon
  5. DIY Amazing Baby Train Bed
  6. Crib Into Magazine Rack
  7. Day Bed Swing
  8. Crib Organizer Wall
  9. Green Bench Made Out Of Baby Bed
  10. Rons Crib Chairs
  11. Jewelry Organizer
  12. DIY Rocking Chair Cradle With A Crib
  13. Repurposed Crib Into Plate Rack
  14. Christmas Card Hanger
  15. Repurposed Cot
  16. Baby Crib Turned Front Porch Daybed
  17. Crib To Easel
  18. Crib Sides Craft Fair Displays
  19. Crib Into Headboard
  20. Chalkboards Made From Crib
  21. Turn Crib Into Bench
  22. Crib Repurposed Magnet Board