Need some storage space in your living room without giving up precious space? Well, a sofa table is what you’re looking for. Unlike a coffee table which can take up quite some space, a sofa table is thin and it is best placed in the back of a sofa. Because of its minimalist design, it can provide you with some nice storage space without taking up any space at all. It is the perfect solution for small spaces as it doesn’t clog up your room with end tables. It can also work as a divider between the living room and a dining room.

Finding the perfect sofa table for your house can be quite challenging. Instead of hunting for one that actually works for your living room, why not try making one yourself? If you have some basic DIY skills, it will be an easy project even without any instructions. Having said that, when choosing a plan to build your table, you want to choose something that will complement or blend in well with the rest of your furniture pieces. This is important because you don’t want it to look out of place behind your sofa.

These tables also work particularly well in a long hall. They look perfect when placed at an entryway or at the end of a hall. To make them stand out, consider adding a mirror above the table so that anyone who passes by can look into it before heading out.

Here are 22 awesome DIY sofa table projects to help you add some storage space to your living room in a stylish and space saving manner. Have fun!

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