DIY outdoor lighting is an affordable and smart way to transform your backyard into a magical space where you can relax and hang out with your family and friends. By using a variety of smart lighting ideas, you can easily add visual appeal while lighting up your outdoor space.

Creating your own outdoor lighting can be quite fun and rewarding. Although it is relatively easy to make your own lights, it does take some time, patience, and effort. Having said that, there are many cool DIY projects that are easy to do and they also provide information on how you can safely install the lights. You should also choose lighting ideas that are ultra low power so that you can enjoy saving energy while having them safely and beautifully illuminating your garden.

Here are 22 cool DIY outdoor lighting ideas to help you get a dreamy outdoor space without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

  1. Patio Lights
  2. Paper Bag Party Lights
  3. DIY Wine Glass Candle Lampshades
  4. Diy Outdoor Solar Chandelier
  5. Cupcake Lights Are Sweet
  6. Outdoor Lighting Diys To Brighten Up Your Summer
  7. Diy Grapevine Lighting Balls
  8. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern
  9. Hanging Jar Lanterns
  10. Diy Tutorial Pretty Decoupaged Mason
  11. Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial
  12. Diy Succulent Chandelier
  13. Glowing Outdoor Orbs
  14. Beer Bottle Christmas Lights
  15. Canning Jar Lights
  16. Pot Light
  17. Sun Jars
  18. Hula Hoop Chandelier
  19. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch
  20. Diy Cafe String Lights From Birthday
  21. Mini Fabric Lamps
  22. Ice Lanterns