Buying a new bed frame can be both costly and troublesome, especially when you can’t find the size you want. If you are handy with tools or you have a knack for repurposing old furniture, why not try making your own platform bed? Building your own bed frame is a wonderful way to save money and it is quite fun and rewarding too! This is because you can customize the bed however you like and install as many storage drawers or features as you desire… The possibilities are truly endless!

Before you rush out and buy the materials you need for your project, you need to determine how big or small you want the bed frame to be. To do this correctly, you will need to consider how much free space you can spare for your DIY bed. Don’t skip this step and double check your measurements if necessary because you will need them to cut the wood pieces accordingly.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the support beams. Depending on the size of the bed frame you’re building, you need to add enough support beams to fully support the weight and size of both the mattress and people who are going to sleep on it. Be sure to use strong, thick screws when attaching the support beams for maximum strength and durability.

Before you start working on the bed frame, it helps to have all the materials in place and if possible, a printed version of the bed plan at hand. This way, you won’t have to worry about assembling the wrong parts or working in the wrong order. This is actually quite important because it can save you a lot of frustration later. By working on your project in an organized manner, you are more likely to finish it faster and with confidence.

Here are 22 gorgeous DIY platform bed projects that are totally worth doing! Have fun!

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