Need some extra storage space in your house? Why not build some shelves on your own? Shelves are awesome because they are designed to go up the walls without taking any additional space. This is good news for those who have limited space at home.

There are many wonderful DIY projects available that are very easy to follow. All you need is some old materials like reclaimed wood planks from an old bookshelf or wood pallets, some junks like iron pipes, leather holders, etc, and some simple tools to assemble them and you can build yourself a functional and beautiful shelf which you can use to display your things. If you plan to use old wood planks for your project, make sure that you clean them good and remove all the old nails first. This is very important because you want your shelves to be safe and clean.

Here are 22 inspiring DIY shelves ideas that will help beautify your home and transform those empty boring walls into functional and decorative spaces. Have fun!

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