Have a small kitchen that seriously need more storage space? You’re not alone. While many of today’s kitchen designs are targeted at home owners with large over-sized kitchens, a small kitchen can still look gorgeous and functional when you know how to maximize your kitchen space.

In order to make your kitchen look more spacious, you need to have minimal clutter. Easier said than done? Not really… as there are many ways you can go about doing this. First of all, to avoid making your kitchen more crowded, you should replace any huge and bulky appliances with smaller, more compact, space-saving ones. Doing this alone can free up some of your precious counter space. You should also any remove any stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen to keep your kitchen look clean, minimalistic, and sleek.

One of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space is by creating lots of open shelving. By making full use of the empty walls in your kitchen, you can reclaim all those wasted storage space and use them to store your pots, pans, or other cooking materials. Additionally, the storage space inside your kitchen cabinet can also be optimized with a little bit of modification to allow you fully use all the space available. Here are 22 smart ways to maximize a small kitchen. Have fun!

  1. Backsplash Storage
  2. DIY Kitchen Organizer
  3. Under The Sink Organizing
  4. Kitchen Storage Solutions
  5. Open Kitchen Shelves
  6. Installing Kitchen Sink Tip Outs
  7. Clever Spice Shelves
  8. Coat Of Chalkboard Paint
  9. Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator
  10. Pot Lid Organizer
  11. How To Install A Pegboard
  12. How To Make A Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip
  13. Tiny Kitchen Storage
  14. Slide-Out Cutting Board On Wheels
  15. Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers
  16. DIY Door Spice Rack
  17. Pantry Storage
  18. Inside Cabinet Storage
  19. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays
  20. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet
  21. Magnetic Spice Jars
  22. Tilt-Out Trash