Ever wondered what you can do with an old ladder? Instead of glaring at an old, broken ladder that makes you want to throw it away immediately, why not look at it with a pair of creative eyes? With a little bit of imagination, you can turn it into something stunning that you want absolutely want to keep inside your house. Ladder decor is trending right now as it can really add a touch of rustic, vintage to your home when done correctly.

Do you find yourself complaining about not having enough storage space at home, especially in the bathroom? If that’s the case, why not turn that old ladder into a towel rack? With a little bit of sawing (if it’s too tall), sanding and a new coat of paint, you’ve just got yourself a new, stylish towel rack which you can proudly hang your towels. You can do the same for other rooms in your house too by turning that old ladder into an amazing shelve, magazine rack, pot rack, etc. Alternatively, you can use it as a birdhouse stand or a plant stand for your backyard or garden. There are simple so many wonderful things you can create with it!

Here are 23 awesome repurposed ladder inspirations to help you find the perfect way to reuse that old ladder of yours. Enjoy!

  1. An Old Ladder Bed Canopy
  2. Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Ladder Shelf
  3. One Hour Blanket Ladder
  4. Ladder Display Shelves
  5. Laundry Room Ladder Drying Rack
  6. Repurpose Ladders Into Birdhouse Stands
  7. Ladder Tower Storage
  8. Ladder Magazine Rack
  9. Ladder Changing Area
  10. Ladder Plant Stand
  11. Treeless Ladder Christmas Tree
  12. An Old Ladder Turned Wall Display Shelf
  13. Ladder Archway Accent Piece
  14. Ladder Laundry Rack
  15. Ladder Shelf
  16. Old Ladder As A Cloth Rack
  17. Shabby Chic Decoupage Ladder
  18. Repurposed Old Ladder Pot Rack
  19. Vintage Ladder Upcycle Blanket Organization
  20. DIY Step Ladder As Bedside Table
  21. Antique Ladder Book Shelf DIY
  22. Photo Ladder
  23. Ladder Shelves