Did you know that wooden crates are one of the most environmentally friendly and versatile materials you can use for making DIY furniture? Besides being used to transport things like wine and milk bottles, these crates are often used for displaying products in retail stores too. Despite their small size, they are quite sturdy so you can stack them on top of each other to form various furniture.

When it comes to quick storage solution, if you happen to have a few wooden crates around, you’re pretty much set. All you need to do is to stack a few of them on top of each other vertically and voila, you have got yourself a wonderful shelve!

You can also use crates to create more complex and useful furniture if you have some DIY skill. Some of the more interesting furniture you can make with wooden crates include coffee table, side table, bathroom storage shelve, display case, bookcase and even a bench! You might be wondering whether the crates are strong enough to support a person weight and the answer really depends on who will be sitting on them. Generally, the strength and durability of these crates are really amazing, especially when you have a few of them aligned in a row!

If you find that you don’t have enough crates for a project, don’t be discourage as you can buy them quite cheaply or get them for free if you know where to look. Believe it or not, many retails stores that are eager to get rid of the old crates that are piling up in their storeroom so if you ask, you might be able to get a few without spending anything at all…

Here are 25 creative ways to use wooden crates that can really spice up your indoor decor and give you some cool storage spaces. Have fun!

  1. Upcycled Milk Crate Wine Rack
  2. Wooden Crate Side Table
  3. DIY Wood Crate Console Table Shelf
  4. DIY Toy Storage And Wooden Crates
  5. Crate Coffee Table
  6. DIY Wooden Crate LEGO Minifigure Display
  7. DIY Wooden Crate Hot Wheels Car Storage And Display
  8. Crate Coffee Table
  9. DIY Pet Bed
  10. Wooden Crate Toy Storage
  11. Wine Crate Shelves
  12. Crate Storage Coffee Table Stools
  13. Craft Crate Built In Shelving
  14. $15 Rustic Nightstand
  15. DIY Wooden Crate Shelves
  16. Rolling Storage From Upcycled Wine Crates
  17. DIY Wooden Crate Bookshelf
  18. Vintage Crate Carts
  19. Wine Crates Bathroom Storage
  20. Storage Ottoman DIY
  21. Pallet Coffee Table With Wine Crate
  22. DIY Paint Stir Stick Flower Box
  23. Apple Crates Display Case
  24. Wooden Crate Bench
  25. DIY Wooden Crate Bookcase