Looking for some inspiring flooring designs to replace the old, boring flooring in your home? DIY flooring can be a really fun project provided that you have the right tools, materials and some DIY skills. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to have a fabulous looking floor for your home. Instead of hiring someone to install a new flooring (which is usually very expensive), why not get creative and do it yourself?

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can add beauty and personality to your flooring design and impress your friends and guests. Instead of using normal tiles for flooring, you can use free materials such as bottle caps, leather belts or pennies! They may sound at first but once you see the finished product with your own eyes, you will realize how amazing they are.

Here are 7 amazing DIY flooring ideas to give you some inspirations. They fun, creative and they are inexpensive. Enjoy!

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  3. Subway Art Painted Laundry Room Floor
  4. The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring
  5. Painted Wood Floor
  6. Repurposed Leather Belt Floors
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