Not many people have the luxury of owning a huge bathroom. But is it really necessary to have so much space in bathroom? How about smaller bathrooms? Do they suffer in terms of beauty and functionality? In case you haven’t noticed already, bathrooms with limited spaces can be just as functional and comfortable when they are properly designed.

By carefully designing your bathroom with spaces allotted for every item, you can make a small bathroom look big and clean. In other words, when you keep your bathroom organized and clutter free, your bathroom will suddenly become more spacious and comfortable.

For the design, you need to remember that lighting and color go hand in hand. Large uncovered windows are great for depth perception. If your bathroom has a low ceiling, make sure that the lighting is not so strong that it draws your eye to the ceiling.

Here are 8 awesome DIY bathroom designs ideas to get your imagination running wild. Enjoy!

  1. Frames For Bathroom Mirrors
  2. Spray Painted Shower Surround
  3. Pebble Shower Floor
  4. Spare Bathroom Makeover
  5. Bathroom Storage Diy
  6. Bathroom Crossword Art
  7. Privacy Window Using Contact Paper
  8. Diy Pallet Wall For Free Toilet Room