A girl’s bedroom is her palace where she can play, study, decorate, and do anything to express her creativity. Most people think that girl’s bedrooms are all about frilly beds and all-over pink decors. Well, today’s girls bedroom are quite different and they are as varied as each girl’s personality.

If you think that the only color your little girl will love is pink, it’s time to change that misconception. First of all, pink isn’t the only color that girls love. Orange and purple are also a classic girl’s color. Although pink in the girl’s bedroom is generally sweet and adorable, you might want to consider using faded paint shade as an alternative.

When decorating a girl’s bedroom, be sure to enlist the help of your daughter because there will be so much more fun to be had! It will be a fun bonding project for you both too. Let the young lady decides what colors or themes that fancy her because ultimately, you want her to live in a room that will make her happy. Choose a theme that reflects both the interests and personality.

With that said, here are 9 adorable girls bedroom decorating ideas that are fun, inviting, and comfortable!

  1. Diy Butterfly Art
  2. Diy Projects With Letters
  3. Easy Diy Bed Crown Cornice
  4. Diy Bubbly Lava Lamps
  5. Diy Paint Swatch Chandelier
  6. Diy Recovering Lamp Shades
  7. Diy Nursery Art
  8. Diy Girls Vanity
  9. Diy Moroccan Style Wall Stencil