Outdoor sofas are one of the easiest ways to turn your deck or patio into a second living room. They are usually made of materials that are resistant to hot and cold weather conditions, UV light, and they require very little maintenance. Because of this, they can be rather expensive too. Instead of buying a set of outdoor sofa, why not try building them yourself? Difficult? Not really, but it does require a bit of time, effort, and patience…

There are many cool outdoor DIY sofas that can be built with simple, reusable materials like pallets or crates. Creating an outdoor sofa out of pallet is a great idea because it will not only save you some money but also help the environment (you get to be a pallet upcycler). Additionally, pallets are designed to be durable and tough so your sofas can easily withstand the elements for many years to come.

Here are 9 awesome DIY outdoor sofas ideas to give you some inspirations. Have fun!

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