Need a simple bench for banquette seating in your dining room? If you’re having trouble finding a perfect one for your kitchen, why not try making one yourself? There are many cool DIY projects with instructions on how you can build a simple yet cozy banquette for your kitchen. There are many ways you can build a corner banquette bench. You can simply build and upholster it or turn it into a built-in if you want something more stylish. That’s one of the beautiful things about doing it yourself–anything goes depending on your style, it’s entirely up you!

Banquettes are definitely great space savers. They make an interesting alternative for armchairs and they hardly take up any room. They can transform a small boring kitchen corner into a cozy dining space that makes you want to spend some time there.

Here are 9 cool DIY banquettes ideas to help you make your kitchen more cozy and enjoyable. Have fun!

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