A beautiful, sturdy bench is a must in every home or outdoor space. If you can’t seem to find the perfect bench for your space or you simply don’t want to spend money buying one, why not try building a bench yourself? There are many DIY projects available for that and many of them are quite easy to follow. You can also build some storage space into your bench so that you can use it to keep your things or as a quick and sneaky way to hide clutter neatly.

One of the wonderful things about making your own bench is that you can customize the length and height of your bench to your liking. You also get to decide what type of material you want the bench to be made of. If your budget allows, you might want to choose high quality and durable wood for your project. If not, you can reuse old wood pallets and choose cheaper wood. If you plan to put the bench outside in the open, you should use woods such as white oak because it can withstand harsh weather and the moisture better.

Here are 9 cool DIY benches with storage to give you some inspiration. Have fun!

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