I always wanted to create my own waste basket but I never found the time to do it. Well, time to make that dream come true. After reading a few blogs on how to make a waste basket, I’m convinced that the whole process is really quite simple and fun. Some people might ask me why would anyone wants to waste their time making a waste basket when you can easily buy one? Well, first of all, it’s FUN. Secondly, it’s rewarding. Thirdly, you get show off your creation to your friends and family!

DIY waste baskets can grab a lot of attention and earn praises and admiration when done properly. People will start talking about your decor skills and how creative you are. It is also very satisfying to see your own piece of art is being put to good use everyday. Have you ever tried making a garbage can out of newspapers, magazines, or even soda bottles / cans??? Well, it’s time to recycle all those old magazines and soda bottles you have lying around!

Here are 9 cool DIY waste baskets ideas to get you excited…

  1. Diy Wire Baskets
  2. Diy Braided Basket
  3. Wood Waste Basket
  4. Recycled Paper Basket
  5. Recycled Paper Basket
  6. Woven Fabric Wastebasket
  7. Make A Newspaper Basket
  8. Jute Wrapped Waste Basket
  9. How To Weave Plastic Baskets