Kathy I figured out a super easy way to make a bed skirt with absolutely NO SEWING or sheet you have to struggle to lift off to get under a heavy mattress (like a heavy King size!!!).I found valances (yes, I said regular curtain valances) 18" long (perfect for my bed) that look perfect with my bedroom decor. Valances come in various lengths. I bought enough valances to make sure they would fit all the way around my bed. I simply moved the mattress just enough to attach my valances with a pleat every foot or so for style with upholstery pins (you could use tacks too!). Many valances are 50 to 54 inches wide, so they make perfect bed skirts and all you have to do is remove the valances to launder. They are already hemmed both ends and the tops will be hidden by the comforter or whatever cover you use. I prefer the upholstery tacks because they hold really well and you don't have to worry about getting pricked with a pin. My kings size bed took 6 valances and I found them for $4.99 each on a great sale!! You can select patterned, solid, many different textures, sheers-whatever your need is. Another option I may consider later is to sew the valances together to make one long one, but then that takes sewing, so the choice is up to you! We all know how many choices in curtain valances there are out there-so go wild!